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Aerobics Classes

Aerobics classes involve a lot of body movement and are designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system and provide an all round body workout. Most classes involved a series of exercises and movements carefully choreographed to work on specific areas of the body or the whole body.

Aerobic exercise can be high-impact or low-impact. Low impact exercise involves keeping bodily contact with the ground, usually at least one foot. High impact exercise involves having both feet off the ground at certain time s s uch as during running, or jumping.

All aerobic classes are based on either floor based movements and exercises or step movements and exercises.

Examples of aerobic exercises include:

Step aerobics - this type of exercise involve s s equences and movements to music based around rectangular blocks known as risers which work lower body muscles. They are often mixed with a combination of other sequences to make the exercise more interesting and to work the upper body.

Circuit training - involves moving around a 'circuit' of different exercise stations designed to work different parts of the body.

Boxercise - these classes are a mix of aerobics with boxing moves and provide a good all round body workout as well as helping with weight loss and body toning.

Step kickboxing - these classes are a combination of step aerobics and kickboxing.

Aqua aerobics - is aerobics in the pool with a range of water props which help you to workout. As the water supports your body weight you are able to push yourself further than you would in a normal aerobics class and there is less risk of strain and injury. Aqua aerobics is popular with many women who feel self conscious in traditional aerobics classes. It offer s s ocial benefits as well as health benefits and involves a lot of giggling!

Other exercises include a combination of floor based exercises, stepping and weights to achieve a program which works the entire body and gives overall variety.

Aerobics classes are a popular type of exercise for both men and women of different ages and levels of fitness. Joining a new class can be intimidating at first start but you will soon get used to the sequences and routines that you will soon fit in.

Most leisure centre's and health & fitness clubs offer a range of formal aerobics classes, which offer social benefits as well as health benefits. The format for any type of aerobic clas s s hould include a 5 minute warm up, followed by a series of stretches to get the body ready for the main exercise. The clas s s hould end with a 5 minute c ool down followed by further stretches.

Where should I start?

Contact your local leisure centre or health & fitness club if you would like to find out more about the range of aerobics classes available or to join.

What do I need to get started?

You will need a good pair of trainers appropriate for aerobics - your local sport s s hop ill be able to suggest the most suitable for you. You will also basic gym clothing - shorts and a tee shirt will suffice although you can purchase specifically deigned clothing which is lycra based is you prefer.



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