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Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise unlike aerobic exercise does not require a significant increase in oxygen. It is a short intense activity, requiring short bursts of power such sprints or very heavy weight-lifting. Being able to perform this type of exercise depends on energy sources within the muscle and as this supply is limited anaerobic exercise cannot be sustained for long period of time without rest.

Resistance Exercise or Strength Training are examples of anaerobic exercise.

Resistance Exercise or Strength Training

The purpose of this type of training is to increase muscle strength and mass, bone strength and improve your body's metabolism. Resistance Exercise or strength training can also:

  • Enable you to burn more calories with more muscle, helping you to lose or maintain weight
  • Helps keep your body in shape as muscles burn more calories than fat
  • Boost your cardiovascular health and general strength
  • Help increase bone mineral content which helps prevent osteoporosis

How does it work?

We all need a certain level of muscle strength to enable us to undertake daily activities, lifting carrying, climbing stairs. Resistance training puts more strain than usual on muscles, which in turn strengthens them as the increased strain stimulates the growth of small proteins inside the muscle cell that help the muscle to generate force.

Types of Resistance Exercise or Strength Training

Resistance exercise or strength training is any activity that involves lifting, pulling or pushing against something and can be done in the gym with a range of different weight exercises such as free weights, weight machines, dumbbells, sit-ups and push-ups, or at home through physical activities such as gardening and household chores. Other examples of strength training include bicycling, rowing and swimming.

Resistance exercise or strength training should however be combined with some form of aerobic exercise.

Click here to find out more about aerobic exercise.

How much should I do?

When undertaking resistance training try to undertake a series of different exercises using different muscle groups to achieve a balanced program. Resistance training usually involves doing the exercise repeatedly in sets. A set can range from 8-15 repetitions, each set taking about 1 minute to complete, where possible try 3 sets for each type of exercise 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes in order to see an increase in muscle strength and size.



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