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Barriers To Getting Fit


Finding the time to exercise

But I don't have time to exercise…This is the biggest single excuse people give for failing to stick to a regular exercise regime and as we all have busier more hectic lifestyles it is not surprising that time does constrain us. There is no easy solution, however with the recommended regime requiring only twenty minutes three times a week, and 168 hours available in every week, it is up to us as individuals to make the time to ensure our physical and mental health and fitness.

Useful tips for finding time for an exercise regime:

  • Choose a form of exercise that you enjoy - you are more likely to find time to do the things you find enjoyable.
  • Set aside a regular period of time to exercise (aim for at least three times a week for at least twenty minutes).
  • Schedule your exercise at the time of day that best suits your lifestyle, but be flexible – it will change with the demands of your lifestyle.
  • Exercise whilst making the best use of your time, such as going walking in your lunch-hour, working-out in the gym whilst watching your favourite TV soap.  
  • Adapt your exercise regime to suit the time you have to spare – exercising for a shorter period of time is better than not doing any exercise at all. Alternatively exercise a few times a day for short periods of time.
  • Exercise at home - this is easy for jogging, walking and other independent activities, but can be more difficult if you prefer to workout in the gym unless you have your own at home! Home gym equipment offers a more flexible and convenient work-out and can be set up in your own home to suit both your exercise needs and your pocket from a range of competitively suppliers.

Click here to find out more about home fitness equipment.


Health and fitness doesn't have to cost the earth. Activities such as running/jogging and walking are free and can instantly be incorporated into your daily lifestyle. For scheduled and structured exercise there are many independent health & fitness, sports & leisure centres, offering a range of classes and sessions with competitive pricing and membership rates. Local leisure centres often provide good value membership and low cost pay as you go entrance fees.



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