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Choosing The Right Exercise Regime For You

If you are not undertaking an exercise regime now is probably the time to begin. Regardless of age every individual needs to undertake exercise and there is a regime to suit people of all ages and levels of physical activity and fitness. You can improve your fitness from as little as 30 minutes exercise a day.

Every individual has different needs from an exercise regime, for some it will be to aid weight loss, whilst for others it will be to improve muscle tone or perhaps to increase physical fitness. Before embarking on any exercise regime it is important to select the right type of exercise to suit you, your age, lifestyle, physical ability and current level of fitness. Embarking on a regime which is not suited to your needs will not deliver the results you set out to achieve, cause you to lose motivation and interest. The wrong exercise can result in personal injury or cause you to overdo things.

The recommended exercise regime is at least 20 minutes of sensible exercise, 3 times a week .

Type of exercise

Getting fit involves improving cardiovascular endurance and muscle endurance, as well as building muscular strength and flexibility. It sounds difficult and you wonder how you could ever achieve this - but the basic principles of an exercise regime is to undertake a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise supported by stretching and flexibility exercises.

Aerobic Exercise - provides a range of health benefits, it helps build & maintain a stronger, healthier heart and cardiovascular system, whilst working a range of muscles. It allows you to build stamina in order to exercise for longer periods.

Anaerobic Exercise - is short intense exercise used mainly to build muscular physique. It does not provide the health benefits of aerobic exercise but will help improve your overall performance.

Stretching and Flexibility Exercises - help to maintain your body's mobility and reduce strain and injury during exercise and should be included in every regime.




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