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Golf is a low-impact form of exercise which is enjoyed by men and women of different ages, abilities and levels of physical fitness. It is particularly popular with middle aged people and the retired sector as it offers social benefits and is less physically demanding than some other forms of exercise which can be played at a steady pace.

Golf is a good all round sport for keeping you trim - as it relies on walking, (providing you walk at a brisk pace round the course) it will improve your cardiovascular fitness as well as burn calories, work and tone lower body muscles, improve bone strength and density and posture, as well as reduce cholesterol and stress. For every round of golf you play you will walk 4-8 miles, burning off approximately 1000 calories. The bending and swinging actions involved help keep your joints supple and tone your muscles. Playing golf is not only physically good for you it also acts as good mental exercise and promotes the 'feel good' factor.

For some players golf can be a more seasonal sport and where this is the case other exercise should be introduced to balance your regime. It is also advisable to undertake strength training, stretching and flexibility exercises to help improve your mobility and movement which in turn will improve your technique, posture and driving distance. Some form of aerobic exercise such as swimming, jogging or rowing will help increase your stamina, work your cardiovascular system and aid muscular development.

There are many social benefits to golf as you usually need to be play with a golf club which provides the opportunity to meet other people, as well as providing the opportunity to take part in competitions.

Golf involves a handicapping system and your handicap relates to your level of skill. The lower your handicap the more highly skilled your game.



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