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Gym workout

Over the past few years we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of new or refurbished health & fitness centres and gymnasiums and with this an increase in the number of people taking membership.

Most health & fitness centre's and gym's have a wide range of state of the art equipment for aerobic and anaerobic exercise as well as weight lifting and stretching exercises, all deigned to provide an opportunity to achieve all round fitness. They also provide a range of additional programs and activities which can be tailored to individual fitness need s s uch as aerobic classes, body pump, and yoga, Pilates, step, on-the-ball and fitness testing. Most will offer personal training, which includes a consultation and a personal training program which specifies the best type of exercise for you, the intensity and amount required to help you achieve your fitness goal.

Benefits of a gym workout

Exercising in a gym can offer many benefits, particularly if you have a busy and hectic lifestyle and need the flexibility to be able to exercise after work, before the day begins or at the weekends. With long opening hours to accommodate busy people most gyms' provide access to the most up to date equipment and technology as well as expertise from trained instructors who can advise on personal fitness, demonstrate techniques and some will even work-out alongside you.

Choosing the right gym or centre for you will allow you to benefit from working out in a social environment and be able to exercise in any weather at any time of the day or evening.

Barriers of a gym workout

The biggest barrier for many people joining a gym of health & fitness club is the cost. Monthly membership starts at approximately £30 per month upwards and whilst this can be a motivating factor for some to work out and get value for their money other s s imply cannot afford the membership fees, although some local authority centre's do offer pay as you go options.

Due to the increased demand for gym workouts the environment can sometimes be overcrowded, particularly the more popular cardiovascular machine s s uch as treadmill during the week, early evening. Many gyms impose time limits on certain equipment to combat these problems.

Whilst the vast majority of gyms are fully air conditioned some people find exercising in a confined space indoors can be stifling - but the gym enables you to work out without being dependent on the weather outside or the time of day or evening.

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