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Importance of keeping fit

Society's attitude towards health and fitness has changed over the past few years and we are all much more aware of the need to be positive about our health and recognize the importance of physical fitness then ever before. We are encouraged to adopt a 'positive attitude' to our health by taking better care of both our bodies and our minds - but what does positive health and keeping fit really mean?

Positive health is about maintaining a minimum level of health and fitness to keep your body looking and feeling good, but also maintaining a level of physical fitness which will enable you to manage and enjoy your daily lifestyle.

Health and fitness is determined by what we eat, how we live our lives, our choice of leisure pursuits and what we do to keep ourselves physically fit.

Keeping fit is about how we as individuals choose to live our lives and the levels of fitness we aspire to. We all need a certain amount of the right type of exercise to keep us healthy, regardless of our lifestyle, age or physical ability.

Remaining physically fit is important for the following reasons:

  • Maintaining a good level of physical fitness will give you a feeling of better health through increased energy and vitality, making you feel better about yourself and about your life.
  • Being fit helps the activities in your life easier to manage; it keeps your body in shape and keeps you looking good, which in turn provides 'the feel good factor' making you work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Keeping fit can help improve your quality of life and help maintain a good standard of health, preventing or delaying heart related diseases.

Other benefits of keeping physically fit through exercise:

  • Exercise helps reduce stress & improves personal performance.
  • Exercise helps you control your weight and body shape.
  • Team sports such as football or rugby can improve your social life

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