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Running & Jogging

Running and jogging are the most cost-effective, accessible and flexible forms of high-impact aerobic exercise, as they can be done with anyone, anywhere, at anytime of day or year and can be easily incorporated into our daily lives. Taking up running or jogging does not require you to join a gym, unless you want to run or jog using a treadmill and you don't need to invest in vast amounts of equipment, just a good pair of trainers deigned for running and appropriate clothing.

Being high-impact this type of exercise places stress on muscles and joints and may not be suitable for some people. However running and jogging can be suitable for people with all levels of fitness, running does not mean sprinting miles, you can run or jog at your own pace for as far as you wish and gradually increase your speed, intensity and overall level of fitness.

Running or jogging regularly where you push you body beyond what it's used to doing will help you achieve cardio-vascular fitness and a high level of fitness in the shortest possible time. Other benefits which running and jogging can offer include weight loss (if combined with a balanced diet) and muscle tone. It helps strengthen the heart and lungs, helping to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, as well as , breast cancer and diabetes. Many people also find running and jogging helps reduce their stress levels and promote the feel good' factor building self esteem and confidence.

In addition to the health benefits, running and jogging offers considerable social benefits. People can run with friends and family, in clubs and teams and even take part in running competitions many of which raise money for well-deserving charitable causes. One of the biggest fundraising events which is held throughout the year all over the country is Cancer Research UK 's Race for Life. The 5km women-only race helps raise money for research into women's cancer and over 300,000 women of all ages, levels of fitness and ability have run, jogged or walked in one of the 150 races up and down the country this year alone. Other competitive events include the famous London Marathon.

Where should I start?

Start off with a gentle jog of a distance you feel comfortable with, and each week gradually increase your speed and distance. Remember not overdo things to start with as this will result in strain or injury and you will lose the impetus to continue.

What do I need to get started?

You will need a pair of trainers designed for running which are available from all good sports shops. What other clothing you wear is up to you but layers are a good idea. If you decide to buy specially designed clothing chose items made from light, breathable fabric.

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