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Stretching & Flexibility Exercises

This type of exercise helps to keep your joints flexible and reduce the chance of muscle strain and injury during exercise. Exercises are focused around stretching the muscles and extending the body's various bending points which help achieve greater mobility and improve your balance. This type of exercise can also help improve posture preventing some of the common medical problems related to poor posture such as backache, headache, rheumatic diseases, arthritis, breathing disorders and stress disorders.

How much should I do?

You should always do stretching exercises as part of every session you do. This should include 5-10 minutes before you undertake aerobic exercise and again afterwards. This type of exercise may involve a series of specific, individual stretching exercises taking 1-2 minutes each.

Yoga is a very popular form of exercise containing a range of flexibility and stretching exercises.

Flexibility exercises will not provide the same dramatic benefits as aerobic and resistance exercise but they are a vital part of any exercise regime in order to maintain your body's mobility.

This type of exercise can be particularly important we get older as our muscular strength, endurance and flexibility decreases and we are more at risk from bone disorders and disease. Strength and flexibility training can help to combat the gradual loss of muscle mass and help increase bone mineral content which prevents osteoporosis and help maintain bone strength. This exercise also assists with body mobility which can become restricted as we get older.

Flexibility exercises can be an important part of injury prevention or a rehabilitation program following a problem relating to a specific muscle group. Stretching can also be relaxing, physically and mentally.

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