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Getting & Keeping Fit

In addition to eating a well balanced diet - the simple answer is - choose an exercise regime that best suits your needs, your lifestyle and is based on activities that you enjoy doing, and are prepared to continue with long term. Getting fit is not a short term activity – it requires a change in your lifestyle and a regular program of sensible exercise for the long term.

Many people make the decision to get fit, they join a gym, enroll for a series of exercise classes or promise to run a mile every week with a friend, after a few sessions they lose the interest and motivation, decide it's not for them and more importantly conclude that ‘it's not working' or achieving the results they had hoped and never go again.

Getting fit – key success factors:

  • Be prepared to change your lifestyle – getting fit is not just about doing your exercise regime, other factors are involved such as following a balanced diet.
  • Decide on an exercise routine which suits you and your lifestyle and is something that you can realistically stick to in the long term.
  • Make time to exercise.
  • Be committed - getting fit and maintaining fitness requires commitment from you.
  • Be realistic about what you can and will achieve – don't expect too much too soon - getting fit will take time and perseverance, it won't happen overnight.

Choose the right exercise regime for you

There are many forms of exercise that will help you achieve and maintain fitness, the golden rule to success involves selecting the type and amount of exercise that best suits you, your age, lifestyle, physical ability and current level of fitness. It is all too easy to embark on an inappropriate exercise regime which can result in you overdoing things, causing personal injury or do yourself more harm than good.

As a rule of thumb the recommended exercise regime is at least twenty minutes of sensible exercise, three times a week . Sensible exercise is classed as any form of exercise which increases your pulse, heart rate and breathing and hence exercise does not necessarily mean sport.

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