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Health Breaks

We all deserve to treat ourselves every now and then. Work and general life can become very stressful at times, so a little pampering and relaxation wouldn't go a miss! You don't need to go away for a fortnight to feel like you've had a holiday, especially if you're being treated with therapies and relaxation techniques while you're there. So why not take a Health Break for a couple of days, either on your own, with your loved one, a few friends or the whole family, and refresh your mind and body. Leave all your troubles behind, and escape to a place where you can focus on you!

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Health Resorts

From a Day Spa for a hot stone massage to a Spa Holiday in the Caribbean. If you're looking for a Health Break where you can be pampered for every minute of your stay, then take a look at one of the links below for some great ideas.

Health Farms
Health Spas
Spa Hotels
Day Spas

Golf Holidays

Take a look at this selection of Golf Holidays. Refresh your mind and body in the great outdoors, surrounded by beautiful scenery, and tee off for a holiday full of fun. Combined with fantstic hotel facilities, it's a great idea for the whole family.

Golf Breaks
Golf Hotels



Leisure Breaks & Activity Holidays

Relaxation isn't only about being wrapped in seaweed and left in a very hot room! Most people can feel refreshed and revitalised after a weekend away taking part in activities and challenges. Check out some ideas below, either in the UK or abroad.

Leisure Breaks & Activity Holidays
Leisure Breaks & Activity Holidays Abroad



Other Health Break Information:

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Typical Health Resort Packages - Check out what's included in a typical Health Resort Package
The Importance of Exercise - The dreaded word 'Exercise!' But why's it so important? Find out here
The Importance of Relaxation - Always feeling stressed out? Try and relax more. Find out how here
Useful Health Break Resources - Useful links to other Health Break directories and websites



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