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Health Break Resources

Can't find what you want? Try looking at these other useful resources for Health Break information.

Useful Directories for Health Breaks


Body & Soul Holidays

Erna Low's Body & Soul Holidays offer over 60 Health Breaks to places of paradise around the world. For those people who would like a healthy holiday out of the UK, take a look at the holiday packages on this website by clicking on the title link.

Spa Seekers Directory

Spa Seekers have been operating the UK´s foremost free Health Farm & Day Spa advisory and central reservation service for over a decade. Regular visits are made by their consultants in order to make sure all of the information is up-to-date, therefore helping you choose which Health Farm or Spa is best for you.

Thermalia Travel Ltd.

Thermalia Travel Ltd specialise in Spa Holidays and Health Breaks. Most of the spas have curative waters, so should improve your overall wellbeing. The guarantee is that you'll come back from wherever you choose to go feeling refreshed and revitalized.



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