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Health Resorts

In this modern day and age, our lifestyles are becoming jam-packed, mostly with work related activities. However, it's important to take some time out and relax. Day Spas are perfect for that odd half an hour spare in your lunch break, whereas Health Farms and Health Spas are great resorts for a longer weekend break to refresh and revitalise. Splash out, leave your troubles behind, and take a Spa Holiday abroad. Just click on the links below for more information.

Health Farms

Health Farms tend to carry the stereotypical view that you're only given a piece of cucumber and an apple for your lunch. Well, things change! Nowadays, Health Farms are the ultimate resorts for relaxation, with wonderful cuisine and luxury accommodation. Guests are welcome to use all of the facilities at the resort, and generally enjoy themselves while being pampered. Sounds like heaven!

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Health Spas

Spa literally means 'Sanus per aquam' (health through water) and the concept of the Spa's thermal waters having positive effects on our health originates from Ancient Greek and Roman cultures. From this, many treatments have been introduced, such a Spa Baths, Steaming Saunas, Whirlpool Tubs and Salt Bodywashes. Similar treatments are available at Health Spas all over the country, so why not choose from a Health Spa Package to fill your break with pleasure.

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Spa Hotels

Fancy a luxury mini break that's not going to cost the earth? Spa Hotels have similar facilities to Health Farms and Health Spas, but they're simply added on to the Hotel Resort. Therefore, they're less expensive, but don't usually have as many treatments or packages on offer. A Spa Hotel is a great break for the whole family, as you can enjoy the spa facilities and the children can enjoy the swimming pool and outdoor activities.

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Day Spas

Not everyone can afford to take the time off work for a long weekend break. Therefore, a Day Spa is the ideal place! Usually, a number of Daily Packages are available to suit everyone's needs, but individual treatments are also available for those who can only fit a quick massage into their lunch hour. Day Spas are becoming more popular with the fast-paced way of life, so treat yourself.

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