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Keeping Fit

We all need to know how to keep ourselves fit and healthy, as this has a direct impact on our life expectancy and quality of life. Our level of health and fitness is determined by the diet we eat and the exercise we undertake. Diet and exercise are the basic components of being healthy and keeping fit.

Exercise does not need to bring back unpleasant experiences of school games lessons or having to enrol at a gym which requires a second mortgage - it is about choosing an exercise regime which you enjoy and want to do, yet which suits your lifestyle. We haven't all got the time to go running or cycling everyday but there is a form of exercise to suit us all.

Similarly a balanced diet does not mean eating platefuls of lettuce, but ensuring you eat the right food groups in the right quantities.

To find out more about types of exercise, the benefits of keeping fit and how to follow a balanced diet click on one of the links below.

Why is keeping fit important?

We are need to know about the importance of keeping ourselves fit and healthy which is acheived through a well balanced diet and a sensible exercise regime. Find out more about the benefits of keeping fit and how to get started.


What do I need to do to keep fit?

Diet and exercise are the two key factors to getting fit and keeping fit. Find out more about the benefits of embarking on an exercise regime and how a few changes to your lifestyle can help you achieve your health and fitness goal.


Types of exercise

Keeping fit requires us to undertake at least 20 minutes of sensible exercise, 3 times a week. This should include a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise supported by stretching and flexibility exercises. To sustain this you need to choose the right type of exercise to suit you and your lifestyle.

Aerobic Exercise
Anaerobic Exercise
Stretching Exercises
Aerobic Classes
Running & Jogging
Gym work-out


Eating for health & fitness

Diet and exercise go hand in hand and eating a balanced diet is an essential part of staying healthy. Many of us eat too much of the wrong foods and not enough of right ones. The best way to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we need is to eat a wide variety of foods. Find out more about what you should eat to stay healthy and fit.


Exercise in later life

Sustaining a level of physical activity and maintaining a good level of fitness is important regardless of age. Find out more about the benefits of physical exercise in later life and the best types of exercise to suit your lifestyle.


Fitness & exercise is for everyone!

Keeping fit through exercise provides a range of benefits for everyone regardless of age, physical fitness and ability. Find out more on exercise for people with physical or sensory impairments.


Barriers to getting fit

Time and money are the two main reasons why people don't undertake or sustain a regular program of physical exercise. Here are some practical ways to find the time to exercise that won't cost you the earth.


Tips & handy hints on exercise

A range of useful tips and hints on making the best of everyday exercise opportunities, practical suggestions on how to get yourself prepared and ready for your chosen regime and ways to ensure you get the most out of exercise.


Keeping healthy & fit

Any exercise regime will make parts of your body work harder than they normally would. To ensure you do not do yourself more harm than good during your exercise regime, find out about health issues to be aware of and health factors to take into account when choosing your regime.



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