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Personal Trainers

Hiring a personal trainer can be a great way of helping you achieve fitness goals or more generally improve your wellbeing. Not only are they able to assess your current fitness level and create a tailored fitness programme that allows you to achieve your goals in the best - and safest - possible way, but they are also there to help encourage and motivate.

When choosing a personal trainer, location and cost are key factors as you will need to find one that operates in your area and within your budget. There are trainers located throughout the UK and hourly rates not only vary from trainer to trainer (depending on qualifications, experience and how in demand a particular personal trainer is), but also from area to area.

It is also important to consider two other key criterias: qualifications and insurance. It is in your own interests to ensure your personal trainer is qualified and fully insured to act in this role. Presenting this information should not be a problem for any trainer so don't be afraid to ask!

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