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Tunturi J7 / J7F Treadmill

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Tunturi J7 / J7F Treadmill

The Tunturi J7 and J7F treadmills are versatile and suitable for active and regular use. They feature large, fully shock absorbent running surfaces for a natural running experience and the unique PSC "hands-free" speed adjustment function for added convenience. Heart rate control and scaleable preset profiles provide extra motivation and T-ware compatibility offers the choice of even more interactive training. The J7F is the folding version of this model and takes up less than one square meter of floor space in an upright position.

Key Treadmill Features

Motor: 2.5hp continuous duty
Speed range: 0.5-16km/h (0.3-10mph)
Incline: 0-10%
Folding/non folding: J7 is non folding, J7F is foldable
Pulse/heart rate monitor: Polar® wireless heart rate monitor
Running deck size: 46 x 135cm
Maximum user weight: 135kg
Product weight: 80kg
Assembled dimensions: L153 x W82 x H138cm
Folded dimensions: L60 x W82 x H159cm (J7F only)

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Tunturi J7 Control Panel

Control Panel

Versatile console displays time, distance, speed, calories burned, incline and heart rate. Treadmill also features the unique Tunturi PSC function which allows you to control the speed without touching a button.


5 intensity/time scaleable preset profiles (scaling in 5%/5min increments). 3 different heart rate controlled workout options, plus heart rate recovery measurement to give you an indication of your fitness level.

Additional Treadmill Features

T-Ware compatible - connect the treadmill to your computer and use Tunturi T-Ware™ software to test your fitness and monitor your progress.
Fully shock absorbent running area

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